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What to Choose, Hard or Soft Hull?

Tuffy 300 Vs Small inflatable boat (SIB)

We catch up with Jake Davison – Tuffy owner & founder of Muscle Fishing, to get his views on Hard Vs Soft when it comes to your perfect angling dinghy. 

To see more of Jake’s work, follow his Instagram or head on over to his YouTube channel for all the best content:

YouTube: Muscle Fishing

Instagram: Muscle_Fishing

Solid Plastic Boats always peeked my interest as a small boat angler due to the durability, solidness and toughness of the hull. I was a owner of a Excel Vanguard 335 SIB for just over a year and found myself worrying about punctures while out on the water. This is when I wandered if a small plastic boat would be better, however I didn’t see any on the market that looked good, had storage and could be paired with a decent powered Outboard. So… I stopped looking. That was until I saw the Polycraft 300 Tuffy. It looked sleek, has been designed with anglers in mind and a quick search on YouTube showed me how stable and solid the boats were.

Fast forward a few months and I’m now a proud owner of a 300 Tuffy. I have taken it out in many different sea conditions and put it through its paces. I compared this 300 Tuffy with my old Excel Vanguard SIB. Below are some of the pros and cons I feel are worth highlighting

PROS Of A Polycraft 300 Tuffy

– solid, durable, tough and pretty much maintenance free
– The ability to launch on shingle beaches
– Easily Add Railblaza Accessories, rod holders, fish finder mounts, cup holders, baiting tables, the list really does go on
– Super stable
– Rated up to a 15HP outboard
– 3 storage hatches
– Flexible hull for a comfortable and quiet ride  with reverse chines promoting lift

Cons of a Polycraft 300 Tuffy
– require a trailer
– Weight / 108KG
– Storage, you require a drive or place to keep your boat

Compared to a SIB these small Solid Plastic boats are going to last you much longer and last decades, give you piece of mind on the water regarding hooks etc, you have  the ability to add proper accessories without glue and patches causing issues when packing away a SIB and finally cleaning this boat is super simple and faff free.

I look forward to filming more fishing films on the Polycraft and creating a catalog of memories to treasure.