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Dry Bag

About Dry Bag

The Mareta 20 litre dry bag is the perfect option for a day on the water, to be used either as a clip on deck bag for the Mareta SUP range, other boats & boards – or stand alone as an over the shoulder dry bag.
British designed in collaboration the Maverick SUP range – this little gem is packed with ergonomic features making it your go to dry bag for a day on the water.

Fastening system:

To ensure good water resistance: 1: Roll the top of the bag over carefully 5 times, folding tightly over the width of the strap 2: Fasten the central buckle (can be used for a carry handle) 3: NB/ leave some air in the bag. The bag should appear inflated once closed: this makes it more watertight and allows it to float if dropped in the water.


We have provide incredible facilities in your sotavento yacht.
20 Litre capacity
Roll up & clip top access to bag for complete dry bag / waterproofing of any contents inside
Elasticated side nets for wet storage of accessories - water bottles etc
4 x point clip on rear to clip onto decks of boards, boats or just about anything on longer journeys
Over the shoulder carry strap for use on foot or grab handle
Matte scratch proof carbon black finishing
Mareta Logo on front


Fabric Composition: Carbon Black = X626
L = 55cm/22in, W = 19cm/7in
20 Litre carrying capacity